dave johnson

telling stories with code

I work at TIME as a newsroom developer, explaining everything from gun control to the Oscars by designing, building and writing the copy for online interactives. Check out my work below.

Previously, I was a project manager and developer at Development Seed, helping organizations build data-driven dashboards and maps.

Election Coverage

I led a team to build a tool that allowed reporters to update election maps in a shared spreadsheet as results came in. The final map and charts, as seen below, appeared on TIME’s homepage and within articles throughout the site.

Syrian Refugee Arrivals by State - live on Time

Charts and tables

Charleston Loophole Put 2,892 Guns In Wrong Hands In 2015 - live on Time
Most Decorated Olympians - live on Time
Visualizing Faculty vs. Student Diversity - live on Time
Do You Fit Your Job? - live on Time

I worked with professors to turn their job aptitude research into an interactive quiz, that sent results to a database for the researchers to analyze. We created a follow up post with the results. Here’s the quiz below.

Record Background Checks - live on Time
Value of World Cup teams - live on Time

Project Management

At Development Seed, I worked directly with our clients to find and visualize the narrative in their datasets. Then I would build the tools alongside our team with javascript. This often took the form of data browsers, as seen in the examples below.


About: Data browser showing where UNDP projects are being implemented across the world.

Tools: Data processing with Python, map API integration, RESTful API build.

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Opening Guinea Oil Contracts

About: We used Document Cloud's API to annonate oil contracts, in a custom built browser.

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Education Section of Healthcare.gov

About: We worked with HHS to release the education site for healthcare.gov, to familiarize people with the site before the full launch.

More: Atlantic article

2014 Afghanistan Elections

About: Mapping polling center coverage according to population.

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Making Sense of Census Data

About: We created a tool to visualize census tract changes from 2000 to 2010.

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Mapping the Affordable Care Act

About: We worked with Kaiser Family Foundation to visualize the impact of Obamacare

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Afghanistan Media Access

About: Across Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, 6,648 interviews are visualized to inform how local media outlets can best reach their audience.

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